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Creative Gift Decorating

Gift wrapping is not only the content of the gift, but also your care and attention to the recipient. Creating creative and original packaging gives a special meaning to the moment of gift giving. Here are some ideas and methods to turn ordinary gift wrapping into a work of art.

Personalised Ribbon:
Add a touch of personality with a personalised ribbon. You can order a ribbon with the recipient’s name or congratulations. This little addition will make your gift unique.

Strips of Kraft Paper:
Use kraft paper to create stylish stripes on your packaging. Not only will it add texture, but it will also emphasise your care for details. Simple stripes can give your gift a retro style or a modern twist.

Hand Painting:
Show your creativity by drawing patterns or small designs on the package. It can be something personal and meaningful to you and the recipient. Hand painting gives the gift a unique touch.

Transparent Packaging:
Use transparent materials such as cellophane or plastic wrap to highlight the contents of the gift. This is especially effective for gifts with a colourful or unusual look.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when wrapping gifts. It’s a great way to make your gift memorable and express your care through attention to detail.

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