My Shape Studio Tool has no insert!

If your new Studio Tool has no insert piece, then congratulations, you have a Shape Studio Tool Version 2.0. Our newest tools have the insert built into the lid- no need for a separate insert piece. Now you simply open the lid, insert your design, drop in the epoxy, close the lid and press. It’s that simple. All new tools being released are Version 2.0 and all current tools will be converted to the new version over time.

If you are confused as to what tool you have- just follow the instructions on the packaging. It will take you step by step through the process. If you have an original version of the Shape Studio tool- don’t despair. Simply place a Glue Square or similar adhesive on top if the insert, place the insert into the tool, then close the lid and press just as if you were making an epoxy. This will stick your insert into the lid of the tool making it into a Version 2.0 and prevent the insert from being lost. We only recommend this with the Shape Studio tool, you will want to keep the insert for your Button Studio separate.

Where can I buy your product?

Independent scrapbook stores should always be your first choice. However, if you're local store does not carry Epiphany Crafts ask them to, or you can always order directly from our Online Store.

Do you sell online?

Yes! All of our products are available at our Online Store.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, retail stores can establish a wholesale account once they provide accurate business documentation including a business license and seller’s permit. Please send your info to to request a wholesale account.
Our products are distributed through Notions and Product Performers.

I’ve lost my insert. What do I do?

If you’ve lost the insert to your tool, please email us your contact information and what tool you have to request a replacement.

I have your charm settings and epoxies. What glue do I use?

For adhering the epoxies into the charm settings, we recommend a strong adhesive, such as E-6000. For adhering the epoxies to paper, almost anything will work, but for ease of use we recommend Glue Dots.

I have a damaged product. What do I do?

Please email us your contact information and the details of the damaged product to request a replacement.